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you pick and choose
you buy and sell
you never lose
you live so well
your dying wish
is that you'll be
so bloody rich
then all will see
your name in lights
above the stars
to live poor bites
you've come too far
you steal
you fake
you deal
you take
a life
a son
a knife 
a gun
and now you're old
and now you're gray
though you were told
up till today
that greed is good
that things are life
under the hood
you're rife with strife
and now the grave
for your name calls
you're not so brave
you'll take the fall
then cry
and sob
you'll  die
a snob
your stuff
will rot
your bluff's
been shot
the world will see
and all will hear
the desperate pleas
the worthless tears 
your soul was bought
your name will rust
guess what big shot
your life's a bust
why live a lie
why trust in gold
we all must die
we all turn cold

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